As the CEO of a small business or as a non-profit executive, when you’re faced with various priorities and limited resources, strategic partnerships become a necessity. Like other non-revenue-generating activities that are still very essential to business operations, human resources is often outsourced to independent HR consultants or to HR firms. But, as a small business owner, how do you know that you’re getting into bed with the right one – Is your current HRO Partner adequately meeting your needs?  Are you receiving the right kind of support that will help you achieve long-term business goals, while adding strategic value to your current business model? Here are 3 key things to look for:


  1. Does your HRO Partner get you?

To ensure a productive partnership, it is important that your HRO Partner understands your business needs and is able to provide the right types of services in a manner that will adequately meet your organizational goals. The right partner will have the ability to develop customized solutions and will be flexible in delivering these services effectively.


  1. Is your HR Partner committed to your long-term success?

The right HR outsourcing provider has a sound understanding of where your business is now, as well as your long-term goals and vision. As your organization grows in size, your human resources needs are expected to become more complex, and an HRO Partner with deeper expertise will be required. Ensure that your current HRO Partner will be around for the long haul, and has adequate expertise to manage your organization’s growth.  Your organization’s human resources strategy should be aligned with your current strategic objectives as well as your mid- to long- term business goals.


  1. Is your HRO Partner the right fit?

Sometimes, even with your HRO Partner’s deep experience and extensive capabilities, it all boils down to fit. Cultural alignment is very essential in forging a productive relationship with your outsourcing provider. Ensure your HRO Partner fits in with your company’s values as well as your team’s working style and energy.