Clients We Serve

We have provided HR expertise and developed strong relationships with a wide range of clients.

Small Businesses and Startups

Whether you’re at the start-up phase; going through a slow and steady pace; or experiencing a dynamic growth rate; we will develop an effective Human Resources strategy that will go hand -in- hand with your business goals and objectives. Our strategies will help build and sustain your competitive talent advantage, no matter your size or industry.

Non-Profits and For-Profit Social Enterprises

We understand the importance of having an effective talent strategy that is aligned with your organization’s mission and workplace culture, in order to drive social impact. From hiring the right people to effectively engaging them, we will deliver customized strategies that will attract retain and develop the best talent for your organization.

Government Agencies/Contractors

At the core of public sector performance, are organizational and people capabilities. We apply a unique approach of identifying key success factors for respective agencies or departments; then, we create a blueprint for an effective strategy that will enable the achievement of performance goals and workforce interventions. We are currently MBE/DBE certified in the state of Maryland (#14-607).

International Projects

TOKAN HR has been engaged on human resources capacity-building projects for international organizations in the private, public and social sectors. Our work has focused on several talent management interventions including: Workforce Development, Leadership Training, Workforce Planning, Change Management and Human Resources Development.

Client Engagements

We provide flexible pricing structures for our clients (Retainer, Project-Based, A la Carte), offering a convenient and collaborative approach.

Monthly Retainer

This option provides great value and stability for an organization that requires management of routine HR tasks. We will provide employment expertise and manage your organization’s HR function at a fraction of the cost of a direct hire. Contact us to learn more about our HR OUTSOURCING services and affordable monthly rates.

Project Based

This option is for clients that have a specific need and understand the scope of the project, including estimated timelines and specific deliverables. Pricing will be based on an estimated level of effort, time and labor. Clients will receive a flat rate quote, payable over the course of the project. Contact us to learn more about our HR CONSULTING services and how we may meet your project needs.

A la Carte

We also have a list of products of services, which clients can obtain as needed. Some of which include: Job Descriptions, Employee Handbooks, On-site Training, New Hire Onboarding, etc. Contact us to learn more about other à la carte services.

Your Trusted HR Business Partner

We partner with our clients to develop practical and implementable solutions to the very real challenges they face.

Setting Up the Team

  • How do we ensure that we’re hiring top talent, especially in a disruptive business environment?
  • Are we hiring the right talent (Employer – Employee fit)?
  • We just hired our first employee, what next?
  • Now that we have employees, how do we make sure they get paid? (Payroll Set—up and Maintenance)

Reducing Liability & Costs

  • Are there any compliance gaps in our human resources practices?
  • How effective are our HR processes?
  • How aligned is our HR strategy with our strategic goals and objectives?
  • We are losing our best staff – can you help us with our retention efforts?

Maximizing Productivity

  • We would like to outsource our HR function, while we focus on our core business.
  • How do we terminate an employee, gracefully?
  • How do we measure employee performance, even as a small business?
  • Our HR staff is overwhelmed – we need help with timely completion of projects.


Look Who’s Talking about TOKAN HR!

“A Wonderful Business Partnership”

“We retained TOKAN HR during our start-up phase, and they have since contributed immensely to our dynamic growth over the years, facilitating and sustaining our rapid growth with strategic and tactical HR services – Recruiting, HR Support, Training, and so on. They are incredibly knowledgeable and professional, and it is truly, a wonderful business partnership!” Buwa Binitie, Managing Principal, Dantes Partners

“TOKAN HR is very good at what they do – from the consultative process to the presentations, they really strengthened our youth development program. Our program participants were very engaged and were appreciative of the practical tools and advice they received from the presenters. Their consultants are very knowledgeable and will take their time to understand your organization’s needs in an effort to design and deliver effective work.”
Michelle Ogunbode, Executive Director, The H.Y.P.E Project
“I really want to show my sincere appreciation for your service excellence – from timely response to our request for information to the design and execution of capacity-building programs for our international clients. You have once again demonstrated your dependability and commitment to the success of our business. I’d recommend TOKAN HR to anyone, anywhere, and at any time!”
Sunday Ogunkola, CEO, Global Concepts Management
“We were very impressed with the time TOKAN HR took to understand the subtle nuances and business needs of our best-in-class healthcare operation as well as our unique workplace culture. From recruitment to training to HR advisory, their strategies have been effective and their service delivery has been consistently excellent!”
Dr. Chetanna Okasi, Chief Medical Director, Women’s Wellness MD