Welcome to TOKAN HR

Tokan HR has been providing Human Resources expertise and exceptional client service to small businesses and organizations for over 15 years. For many of these businesses and organizations, people are a principal business asset, yet a traditional HR approach is not always advantageous. Having effective strategies to attract, motivate and retain the right people for your organization could be the difference in achieving long-term success.

To that end, we adopt a simple approach: We focus on FIT, taking the time to understand what makes your organization thrive; COMPETENCE, to ensure that we’re acquiring and developing the right skill sets; and INNOVATION, not being afraid to think outside the box, and leveraging current resources to develop effective strategies.

Our innovative solutions ensure that you’re attracting and retaining the right talent, increasing staff productivity, reducing liability and risks and maximizing overall efficiency.


Customized Strategies

We do not believe that one size fits all when it comes to developing and implementing effective strategies. Thus, we develop strategic solutions that specifically address your organizational needs and strongly align with your workplace culture, core values as well as your strategic goals and objectives- current and long term.

Flexible Solutions

We offer a full range of Human Resources solutions that fit your business needs. We can provide strategic HR support and manage HR processes in the absence of a dedicated, in-house HR staff; on an ongoing or on-demand basis. We also provide HR expertise on specific projects on an ad hoc basis. This flexibility allows businesses and organizations to effectively deal with workforce demands when faced with challenges like business continuity and rapid growth.

Value for Your Money

One of our primary objectives is to add value to your business or organization by offering affordable solutions that are effective in maximizing efficiency and productivity, increasing cost savings and enhancing business competitiveness. We value our customers and view our client relationship as more of a partnership as we work to ensure your continued success.